Let us see

Let's have some "google" on changkat.
Well, I snap few pictures on the street while I am on the wheel at the evening. Such a nice view and feel like I am some small town in Europe. Have a look and you can not imagine how is this place can be pack of crowd at late night. Have fun anf enjoy. I am missing my time on Changkat with my friends. Walk in to fews bar at one night. It is gone happen again this week. Guess so.. What are you waiting for? Join us :)

Kinda cool! I like the paint. I will try the steak soon. And will let you guys know about it and how cool is that place :)

One of the famous Indian cuisine kitchen and bar on the street. Curry? yes!

Will always stay green. Why it is green? Because they love the mother of earth :)

At the end of he corner, there are Werner's on Changkat. Not a bad place to have a date and dining.

There you go...
Love the food
Love the music
Love the drink
Love the night
Love the beat
Heart you Changkat!

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