Fun day on weekend.

Me and my friends went to Gypsy at Changkat Bukit Bintang. And It was great. I think only us the youngest there. Because most of the people inside the chill and have a good time watching WWF. (I don't watch it). We enjoyed the music there and could now snap more pics since that mine is out of battery. My friends phone is not a cybershot cam and none of camera. Haha.

Sorry bro, I doesn't mean to snap your nice shirt. But this is best I can :p

I never knew there were someone turn back to see my cam light.

My bad. I better bring extra battery next time to snap more pics.

Since that there are no cover charger there, we got in there and enjoy drinks and chill for a while. We also went to The social and I met my friend there. I prefer Gypsy the best that night. :)

We went upstairs, there were few groups of gays and (non-straight people) haha. Well, gay should some and hook up there sometimes. My friends stated to falling in love to Gypsy and want to get there again. As we all know, Gypsy have their own crowds and closed at late night and almost early morning. Do you know what I mean? You can stay up there til 4 am sometimes :p

I will update more about other hotspot becoming on the street. See you on changkat :)

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