Halloween on Changkat!

Hey! Halloween was on the street.
I was planned earlier to go there, dropped by and see my friends.
I didn't even know that there are party was held on the street. You guys guess what?
All the way on Changkat Bukit Bintang the street was blocked by security. It was happening.!
There were lots of big screen.

I bet you guyscan not guess what was happening down there right?
I snap this shot from the Social balcony.
There were big screen showing artist performances.
Well actually there are Wolkswagen event launching there at Frangipani.

 There were hundreds of people enjoying performances.
Not just that...
There were fireworks there on 12 a.m!

It was hanging on the lamp. 
Right away on your head at the Social while I had a sip of Virgin Mojito.
Oh! Well it is Halloween.
Sorry I forgot to take snaps on the peoples costumes. But I saw lots of attractive costumes.
There were vampires, nurses, bloody faggot.. and more.! 
Such a waste I can't take photos. Too bad!
Anyway, enjoy!

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