Night's on Changkat

Hello loyal readers and followers.
It is been a while I have been stop writing. But today I am gonna share with you guys about my first day out to Changkat after few months of meditate. 
Virgin berry from Ace

Broccoli cheese. Yummy!

Nachos for two served with sour cream and chicken paste. 

View on cool night.

Well, I want to proceed with my story. Actually my friend from Holland coming to KL so I spent few nights with her on Changkat and also with some other friends.
 While waiting for other friends, me and Lisa having broccoli cheese and nachos. And all I can say is yummy!. I love the broccoli. Sumpah sedap!

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  1. hahaha...still going out with lisa...btw hows ur condition??? send my regard to lisa ok....
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