Wednesday night.

It is been a while I did not update this blog since I've been busy with my studies and I am no well.
What ever it is, I still love writing and share with you guys about the nights at Changkat.
On 28 of April 2010, I went to Changkat and drop by at the Social with a friend.
When we arrived there, I met one of my favourite bartender there, John. He made us "Virgin Mojito".
Refreshing with lime and Mint leaves.
My closed friend, Qielfy and his Virgin Mojito.

The upstairs bar. We had dinner there while watching the bartender prepared drinks.

Night views from upstairs bar.

While waiting for the dinner, we saw few "Mat sallehs" guy playing pool.

I had Arabiatta Pasta. Oh mi god! you guys should try this. yummyy! The tomato paste was good!

After dinner, the bartender offered my for free cocktails that night. Since it was Wednesday, ladies can get cocktail for free. There are 3 types of it but I only remember one,

Candy Toblerone
 I prefer the first cocktail I had, Candy Toblerone because it taste sweet and candy-ness. 
Served with Cherry.Mixed with Frangelico, Malibu and oh.. I forgot other ingredients.
But I was great.

The second one was,  mint flavour.

After that we enjoy about half an hour there with the DJ spinning.
Around 11.30pm we moved to the next door :)

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